The Home Of Thunder
American Bald Eagle

Wrede's Wildlife Center Inc.
Sebring, Highlands County, Florida

Wrede's Is now a Wild Life Educational Center

History Of The Center

It all started in 1986 with an orphaned Opossum found at the school where Karen Wrede worked. The Wrede's obtained a permit in order to care for this small creature. Shortly after that a Game Warden asked them to become wildlife rehabilitators for the injured and abandoned animals in the area.

In 1989 the center moved to it's present location on Wilderness Trail. From caring for one injured opossum to the center has progressed to caring for a variety of animals including eagles, bobcats, foxes and deer. The Wrede's have created specialized techniques to heal broken wings of large birds of prey.

Handling Wildlife

Some animals are injured beyond their ability to be released back into the wild.These animals are cared for as permanent residents. They are used to educate the pubic and many organizations that frequent the center. The center is not state, Federally or locally funded and relies entirely on proceeds from private contributions.

Many of us have wide variety of wildlife right in backyards. As a result you can be hurt if you do not take the proper precautions when dealing with wild life.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:
  • All wildlife can be dangerous.    

  • They DO NOT make good pets.

  • Always observe first.                  

    Rescue animals if:
  • The parents are dead.                   

  • The animal is injured or in danger.  

  • Never put an animal in a bird cage.

  • Never feed an animal you rescue.   

  • Remember:
    A mother deer will travel up to a mile to find her young.

    Places to call for help:

    Wrede's Wildlife


    Florida Game Freshwater Fish Commission
    (emergencies only)

    Highlands County Animal Control

    Anderson Animal Clinic

    If You are not in the Sebring, Florida area check with your local Animal Control office for contact information.

    Our Mission Statement
    Wrede's volunteers have dedicated themselves to the monumental task of caring for wildlife. Our purpose is to Raise, and Release.
    As well to care for those animals we cannot release for medical reasons.

    To Make a contribution.
    Mail it to:
    Wrede's Wildlife Center
    4820 Wilderness Trail
    Sebring, Florida 33875

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